Call center experts will advise on support for small and medium-sized businesses

Entrepreneurs of the Voronezh region and other regions of the country will be able to get acquainted with measures of support for small and medium-sized businesses implemented in the Russian Federation in connection with the spread of a new coronavirus infection. Fot that purpose, the Government of the Russian Federation has created a special call center on economic issues.

By contacting the multi-channel numbers 8 (800) 200-01-12 and 8 (800) 100-70-10, the SME representatives have the opportunity to receive answers to pressing questions. Including but not limited to, experts will talk about what support measures can be used in a particular situation, what set of documents, where and in what way should be sent.

The work of the call center is organized according to the principle of end-to-end consulting support: on issues of general consultation on the created tools for supporting small and medium-sized businesses, including with the participation of SME Corporation JSC and SME Bank JSC (first line), individual selection of specific measures (second line), assistance in applying for specialized loan products, restructuring of existing debt (third line.

In addition, entrepreneurs will also be advised on support measures by calling 8 (800) 100-11-00 (MSP Corporation JSC) and 8 (800) 302-01-00 (MSP Bank JSC.



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