A new Russian-Chinese enterprise will start up in the Voronezh region

The new joint Russian-Chinese enterprise will develop and manufacture electrical equipment for industrial and special purposes. The heads of Create Electronics, LLC and Orbita, JCI, selected as the basis for the creation of a new production, signed an agreement during the meeting.

In 2017 representatives of Orbita, CJSC participated in the work of the Russian delegation in the People's Republic of China. Representatives of the Russian side visited the city of Hefei (the capital of Anhui province) to agree on the terms for the development of a powering system for the stratospheric airship for the CETS Corporation.

On the basis of preliminary negotiations and meetings, Orbita, CJSC signed a memorandum on intention for the creation of a joint venture with the Chinese side in the territory of Voronezh.

Alexander Gusev and president of Create Electronics LLC Ankhoy San Qiyue He pointed out that the alliance of Russian and Chinese companies promises to be successful and effective. The Voronezh region already has experience of effective cooperation with representatives of the business community of the PRC. Today in the region there are four joint ventures with the participation of Chinese capital.


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