New poultry farm was launched in the Voronezh region

New poultry farm has opened with a total investment of more than 700 million rubles in the Borisoglebsky urban  district, Tretyaki village.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Governor of the Voronezh region Alexey Gordeev. He inspected the modern production, which includes a compound feed mill, 2 chick rearing chambers, 6 buildings of commercial herd,  the egg line, a finished goods warehouse with an egg sorting line. He also saw  sanitary inspection building with a veterinary laboratory and a slaughterhouse.  The planned production of eggs by the end of the year will be amounted to 1,5 million.

Alexey Gordeev said that the total turnout  would be enough to «feed, including neighboring regions». In addition, the poultry farm will have a positive impact on the economy of the Borisoglebsk urban district. The Governor summed up that production was creating an ample quantity of workplaces, wages were higher than the average for the district, the regional budget gained taxed revenue. 

The construction of the factory began in 2016. The business plan for the new agri-industrial production was developed by the Agency for Investments and Strategic Projects.

The construction of the second stage of the poultry farm is planned in 2018-2019. It will  include  the construction of 6 additional buildings for of commercial herd. The number of laying hens will be about 1,5 million. The production of eggs amounted to  more than 400 million per year, when  the enterprise will reach  its design capacity.


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