Special economic zone will be created in the Voronezh region

In the Voronezh region began the work on  creation of a special economic zone (SEZ) of industrial-production type. The creation of the SEZ was announced by government of the Voronezh region. The SEZ will be located in the southern part of the Maslovsky industrial park. The new development territory is designed to strengthen the position of the region as the largest entity in the Central Federal District with a high industrial potential.

Regional authorities invite investors to become full residents of the special economic zone of the Voronezh region. Potential participants of the SEZ are waiting for various tax and customs privileges and preferences.

In particular, SEZ residents are exempt from income tax payable to the Voronezh region budget, property tax and transport tax. In addition, residents of the special economic zone are subject to tax immunity - they are not subject to changes in tax laws that worsen their situation.

Moreover, residents have  an  opportunity to apply accelerated depreciation - an additional costs write-off  for the purchase of equipment and production assets.

In addition, the regime of the free customs zone will operate on the territory of the SEZ, according to which the VAT on imported foreign goods will be set at 0% and import duty will be abolished.

This is non-exclusive list of state support measures that potential residents of the special economic zone of the Voronezh region can
rely upon.

You can contact to Agency for  Investment and Strategic Projects to apply for accommodation in the SEZ and retrieve additional information by phone: +7 (473) 212-70-14 or 24-hour hotline for investors: +7 (961) -109-55-50, and send an application forml by e-mail to:


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