The Agency and Russian Towers Group signed an agreement on the creation of a modern telecom infrastructure in the region

On June 7, Moscow, an agreement between the Agency and " Russian Towers Group was signed on cooperation in the implementation regional investment project «Creation of communication infrastructure».

The agreement on strategic partnership, long-term, effective and mutually beneficial cooperation between the parties in the implementation of the investment project was signed by the Agency's Director Danil Kustov and the President of the Group Alexander Chub.  Company plans to invest about 500 million rubles in the development of network infrastructure until 2026.

The goal of the project is creation, development and expansion of the information and telecommunications infrastructure for the installation of equipment for modern and promising communication standards.

The project is aimed at improving the quality and accessibility of communication services in the region, ensuring stable signal coverage of socially significant facilities, federal and regional highways, remote settlements and innovative services development.

The implementation of the project will contribute to high quality and stable communication throughout the whole region. It will be another competitive advantage of the region in its turn.

The Agency intends to provide information and consulting support to the Russian Towers. The organization also will assist in resolving issues of the project implementation, particularly in obtaining the necessary local governments approvals and permits, negotiations with executive bodies of state power and thereby contribute to successful completion of the project as scheduled.


The group of companies Russian Towers Group is the leader of the independent telecom infrastructure market in Russia. The company invests in the construction and acquisition of communication facilities of various designs in the regions of Russia, provides operation.

The customers of the company are federal and regional mobile operators, broadband Internet access, government departments, and developers. The company provides a wide range of services for the joint use of telecommunications infrastructure: technological platform for the deployment of communication equipment, power supply, fiber optic network connection, round-the-clock remote monitoring and access control.

The company's development strategy is to expand the portfolio of services provided on the basis of ever-increasing infrastructure.

The portfolio of Russian Towers Group includes more than 3500 objects in 55 regions of Russia.

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