The Agency for Strategic Initiatives launches new media project to support entrepreneurs

The Agency for Strategic Initiatives is launching a new media project aimed at providing information support to domestic business in modern economic conditions. Within its framework, a series of thematic video releases of the talk show “SMART Crisis”, united by one thought, “Smart business is smart in any crisis,” starts.

Through this, Voronezh entrepreneurs will be able to get the advice of well-known Russian economists on how to conduct business in a situation of market instability, what opportunities are available in a changing environment and how profitable it is to invest in certain areas of activity. Andrey Sharonov, president of the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo, dean of the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University Alexander Auzan, public representatives of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives - professor, director of the MBA center of the Ural Federal University Business School Larisa Malysheva, participant were invited to participate in talk show issues The interdepartmental working group on coronavirus infection at the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Olga Dorokhova, entrepreneur Sergey Mayarenkov and others. And the guests of the program will be Russian entrepreneurs, including the owner of the famous St. Petersburg hotel, the founders of beauty salons and family cafes.

The ASI information project is being implemented in partnership with the Step Russia TV channel. A talk show pilot has already been released. In it, experts answer questions that are controversial for business: how to survive the crisis in the most affected sectors, what kind of support measures the government offers and what the entrepreneurs themselves need right now.


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