The first Russian historical park "Dikoe Pole" will be created near Voronezh


A new unique object may appear on the tourist map of the Voronezh region. Company "Tavrovo 36" of entrepreneur Sergey Naumov plans to invest more than 500 million rubles in the construction of theme park "Dikoe Pole". This investment project in tourism is proposed to be implemented in the Kashirsky municipal district, at the 560th kilometer of the federal highway M4 "Don".

Sergey Naumov presented the "Dikoe Pole" project to the Governor of the Voronezh Region Alexander Gusev. According to the plan, the park will be a complex of attractions and historical reconstructions of the landmark epochs of the Voronezh region, as well as sports and entertainment areas. It will unite the “Petrovskite Corabli” Camping, Kazachiy Hutor, “Tavrovo” Fortress, Shipyards - Berths, Sloboda «Mozhay», Festival and Historical Glades, Eco Village, Beach, Recreation Base, Children's, Sports, Fishermen's and other areas, as well as the contact zoo.

Assistance in the preparation of the presentation and promotion of the historical amusement park project of the investor company was provided by the employees of the Office for Investment Promotion and Strategic Projects Support. It is expected that at least fifty small businesses will be involved in the work of this facility, and more than 250 new job places will be created. The facility may become a unique platform for holding large-scale historical festivals and is intended to help attract tourist flows to the region.

The construction is planned in several stages, during 2021-2029. If this idea is successfully implemented, Dikoe Pole will become the first large-scale historical park that has no Russian equivalents.

Informational: Dikoe Pole is a historical area of undifferentiated and sparsely populated Black Sea and Azov steppes at southern borders of the Russian Empire. In XV-XVIII centuries it lied from the Dniester River in the west to the Don and Khopra in the east, including the modern territory of the Voronezh region. From the XVI century the Russian exploration into the Wild Field began as well as the construction of fortifications to effectively fight against Tatar raids. Later the defensive Belgorod reserve line was formed, which included the cities of Ostrogorozhsk, Olshansk, Korotoyak, Uryvsk, Kostensk and Voronezh, founded within the borders of the present Voronezh region.


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