The head of the economic development department, Anatoly Bukreev, answered questions from regional media journalists

Anatoly Bukreev: “Industrial Park for SMEs is a special tool of the region’s investment infrastructure”


Artem Sokolnikov - Editor-in-Chief of “De Facto”

Sergey Kalashnikov - Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Kommersant

Natalia Kaplina - Interfax-Center correspondent

Denis Piskunov - RBC Editor

Yuri Golub - columnist "AIF"


Danil Kustov - Director of the Office for Investment Promotion and Strategic Projects Support

Facilitator of the meeting:

Alexey Prigarin - Head of the Department of Public Relations and Presentation and Exhibition Activity - Office for Investment Promotion and Strategic Projects Support

“As soon as we fill this platform, we will have the opportunity to create similar special zones for the development of SMEs in other municipalities”

A. Bukreev: The Government of the Voronezh region is actively working to create a favorable investment climate and create the necessary investment infrastructure. The region has already created a network of 4 industrial parks, a territory of advanced socio-economic development has been opened, work is underway to create a special economic zone, and in addition to all of the above, a special element of the investment infrastructure created in the region is a platform for small and medium businesses in the industrial park Maslovsky. It should be recalled that a little less than a year ago, public organizations of entrepreneurs, and this is the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Opora Rossii, Delovaya Rossiya made a proposal to create such territories for SMEs in our region. Then this initiative was comprehensively supported by the governor of the Voronezh region Alexander Gusev and a site of 25.5 hectares was allocated on the territory of the Maslovsky industrial park, which currently has 3 residents. However, the land area allows you to place at least another 15 potential residents. I would like to note that as soon as we fill this platform, we will be able to create similar special zones for the development of SMEs in other municipalities. This positive work experience will need to be replicated.  

“We always say to business: do you have problems with banks? We are ready to solve these problems together with you! ”

This zone for SMEs is not filled as actively as we would like, despite the fact that all the necessary conditions have been created. And our task, the task of the department of entrepreneurship and trade and public associations of entrepreneurs of the region is to inform potential residents about the possibilities of this site, and we hope for your comprehensive assistance in this matter. We will conduct informational work in at least two areas: the first is general information for small business representatives and the second is targeted work with a specific investor, in which we “take him by the hand” and say: “there’s a platform for you”. And one more important direction is the interaction with the media.

We understand that not all small businesses are aware of the advantages of an industrial park for SMEs. Not all small business, because of its specificity, is ready to move there, although the system of support for entrepreneurs is created both at the federal and regional levels: these are both government loan programs from banks and guarantee funds.

A. Sokolnikov: Anatoly Mitrofanovich, you said about banks. Could you make this more specifics? When does the region act as a kind of guarantor for a small business that is included in the Maslovsky industrial park? What specific conditions does the region offer here in this partnership with banks?

A. Bukreev: It is very important to understand that today government programs for lending small businesses are operating at a rate of 6.5%. I am talking now about financial institutions, not about the guarantee fund. We always say to business: do you have problems with banks? We are ready to solve these problems with you! Act as a guarantor for you, negotiate with the banks in order to reduce the time for proceeding and granting loans, and as a result, the banks trust the small and medium enterprises to a greater extent. In this matter, the point is being done by the Office for Investment Promotion and Strategic Projects Support, which are also ready to “take the hand” of a potential investor and help him in any situation that has arisen.

As for regional support measures, then there are both a guarantee fund of the Voronezh region, a guarantee fund for supporting small business, and a land pledge fund of the Voronezh region.

A. Sokolnikov: Anatoly Mitrofanovich, tell us more about the land mortgage fund?

A. Bukreev: Let's see what is in principle a pledge fund? In the Voronezh region, as in any subject of the Russian Federation, there is property, and first of all it is land. At present, the Voronezh region owns 51 land plots for agricultural, industrial and other special purposes, as well as state-owned facilities with a total value of 7.3 billion rubles, including 486 gas supply facilities and 2 shares of joint stock companies.

It is through this property that we can act as a guarantor in front of the bank, thereby helping investors.

We say: we provide a pledge and more favorable business conditions for its existence on the territory of industrial parks, with a low cost of buying out land created by a developed infrastructure. Plus, we will give additional regional benefits, namely, income tax, for which the rate is reduced and set at 12.5%, property tax exemption, where the size of the preferential rate is 0%, transport tax relief.

As for the land pledged fund, the Voronezh region is also ready to pledge property, in order to secure investors ’obligations to implement particularly significant investment projects to banks and credit organizations of the Russian Federation, and the Office for Investment Promotion and Strategic Projects Support can assist in these matters.

“Small business wants the government of the Voronezh region to build appropriate premises in which it could place its production!”

A. Sokolnikov: Anatoly Mitrofanovich, for sure negotiations are now underway with potential investors. Tell us, please, here's what small businesses still need, what additional benefits they are asking for, maybe not everyone is comfortable with the current conditions for the development of Maslovsky sites?

A. Bukreev: Negotiations are really underway and there are quite a few such companies. As for additional support measures, I have already said about one condition - these are lower electricity tariffs. Due to the fact that electric networks of the Federal Grid Company (FGC) are passing on the territory of industrial parks, according to preliminary data, the tariff for consumers-residents of the park will be reduced to 3.5-3.7 rubles from 2020.

Now a potential investor is interested in the development of an industrial park, provided that in its territory, in addition to the developed engineering infrastructure, ready-made production facilities are also built. In other words, small business wants the government of the Voronezh region to build the appropriate premises in which it could place its production! The governor of the Voronezh region, Alexander Gusev, has already set such a task for the construction of production buildings on the territory of the SME park, and we plan to launch such a program in 2019-2020.

“Creating a SEZ is a strategically important issue, so there is such a detailed study of all the nuances.”

S. Kalashnikov: Anatoly Mitrofanovich, returning to the topic of special territories and zones. If I am not mistaken about a week ago the application of the Voronezh region to create the SEZ was in the Government of Russia. Tell me, what are the first results, while everything is successful?

A. Bukreev: Yes, the application for the creation of a special economic zone is indeed under consideration by the Government of the Russian Federation and is currently undergoing examination by the Ministry of Justice and the legal department of the Government. There were certain disagreements between the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economic Development, but at the moment they are resolved. You see, I have a folder that contains exact information about the essence of the differences and how they were resolved. It is worth noting that the comments of the Ministry of Finance were not of any fundamental nature!

S. Kalashnikov: That is, formalities?

A. Bukreev: It is necessary to understand that the creation of a special economic zone is a strategically important issue for the region for the next 10 years, therefore such a detailed study of all the nuances is underway. Any question related to finance or assets requires clear documentation. As for the signing of the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation on the creation of a special economic zone of an industrial-production type, according to preliminary data, this stage is planned to be completed in the first quarter of 2019.

What else would like to note. Of course, at present, special economic zones of industrial-production type are functioning on the territory of the Central Federal District, however, the Voronezh region has a number of advantages over them. First of all, Voronezh is a “million-plus” city, the capital of the Black Soil Region, with a high level of socio-economic development, great industrial, human and scientific potential. Secondly, the created SEZ “Center” in the Voronezh region will have a different specialization from the other zones: the nuclear, electronic, space industry and the production of building materials, so we will not have direct competition with them.

The creation of a special economic zone on the territory of the Voronezh region will help maintain high rates of investment development in the region, including attracting more than 30 billion rubles in investments, creating over four thousand new jobs, and locating at least 15 new enterprises. The assessment of the positive impact of the created SEZ on the economic development of the region and the presence of a detailed project for creating an SEZ did not go unnoticed by the country's leadership.

“Let us first redeem, and then, perhaps, we will build, I will emphasize - perhaps. It is clear that we could not go for it under such conditions. ”

S. Kalashnikov: Anatoly Mitrofanovich, you can specify information on a project that has already been submitted to the governor. Here, in particular, is the project of the metropolitan company Kriomashgaz, which announced the construction of an LNG plant worth more than 5 billion?

A. Bukreev: At the moment, this project is frozen by Kriomashgaz. I would emphasize that we were ready to provide the company with a platform in the Anninsky district for the project, to provide full support to the investor, negotiations were held on this matter, but in this case the investor has so far ceased to show any activity.

Representatives of Kriomashgaz offered to us, - we will first buy out, and then, perhaps we will build, I will emphasize - perhaps. It is clear that we on such conditions could not go for it. And I think that not one subject of the Russian Federation will not do this. Here you need to understand that a large investor really has the right to purchase the land. In fact, this mechanism of work is not so complicated.

The company first rents a land plot, then, receiving all sorts of preferences at the federal and regional levels, builds buildings, imports equipment, and begins to produce its products. Only then it has the right of redemption.

S. Kalashnikov: It turns out that land in municipal areas is in great demand?

A. Bukreev: Indeed, land for municipalities is the main resource, therefore, it must be treated very responsibly. Every entrepreneur wants to get a few dozen hectares of land at a low cost, and often for free. This is possible if you are a conscientious and real investor, with serious intentions. But, and if you are trying to get unreasonable benefits, our specialists and employees of the Office for Investment Promotion and Strategic Projects Support will not be able to check the company for “cleanliness”, they will first of all prevent it or indicate possible risks.

 “We are ready to lower the level of investment for SMEs and to 20, and to 10 million, and possibly to 5 million, the main thing is for a real investor to come to us.”

D. Piskunov: Anatoly Mitrofanovich, would you like to return to the topic of our dialogue, to the issue of the Maslovsky industrial park for SMEs? While there are 3 residents there, but it may be necessary to make some adjustments, change something in order for the residents to increase?

A. Bukreev: You put the question right. We are really ready to make the necessary efforts to ensure that the investor goes to us more willingly. Of course, I have already said enough about measures of regional support. But most importantly, we are ready to lower the level of investment for SMEs and to 20, and to 10 million, and perhaps even to 5 million, the main thing is that a real investor should come to us. Let him come, let him create. All the benefits for small businesses here.

S. Kalashnikov: After the advanced development area and other platforms for the development of SMEs. Well, here is the industrial park Maslovsky again from the point of view of SMEs. What is the likelihood in the next few months - six months the emergence of new residents, and if they are, then which industries are most likely, and are there already names of companies?

A. Bukreev: These are the most diverse companies. You must understand that there is a plan for the territory of advanced development, there are obligations, agreements are concluded. This year, according to the plan, we must accommodate 2 residents there, next year we will place 4 more residents. We have this work is ongoing. And somewhere in February we will have information about who else can be accommodated there.

N. Kaplina, Y. Golub: Anatoly Mitrofanovich, at the end of the dialogue, at the end of the year, what investments in fixed assets are expected? Already can you make some kind of prediction? How much is expected?

A. Bukreev: The value of the indicator the volume of investments in fixed assets can be discussed at the end of January or at the beginning of February! I think that there will be a stabilization in terms of investment in fixed assets.

After commissioning, the Novovoronezh nuclear power plant with an investment volume of 45 billion rubles and the M-4 Don federal highway section was expected to sharply decline. However, for another two years, we ensured an increase in investment in the region. So they survived for two years. The gain was a small 0.1%, 0.2%. As a result, the volume of investments reached 294 billion, but we understand that if at the certain phase no appropriate measures are taken, then the investments will decrease. We believe that in 2018 there will be some reduction in investment, but insignificant - less than 5%, but at the same time in 2019, I think we will have an increase in investment by 9%, and no further decline is expected.

In accordance with our strategy, by 2024 the volume of investments in fixed assets will amount to 550 billion rubles - which will significantly improve the socio-economic development of the region.


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