The project on the development of a comfortable urban environment in Voronezh was included in the list of the most promising projects of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives

The Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) summed up the results of the educational program «Managerial masters: development of regional teams», organized by the Center for regional development on the basis of the Russian Academy of Science and Technology, on behalf of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, in collaboration with ASI.

Following the results of presentation projects prepared by the subjects of the Russian Federation, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives singled out the 8 most promising. The list included the project of the Voronezh region team for development of a comfortable urban environment in the city of Voronezh, which was devoted to theme of the gradual creation comfortable urban environment in our city, including the construction of modern housing, the development of public transport networks with  metro, and renovation of recreation areas based on TOD (principle of transit-oriented design).

This principle allows to create a multi-functional residential or commercial zone, which provides immediate  access to public transport, including rail one (metro or metrotram). The project for the construction of a subway is planned to implement  jointly with Japanese specialists who have rich experience in the development of megacities infrastructure on the basis of TOD.

Following the results of the protection of the project «Voronezh is the city of the future» our team received high marks from the organizers of the educational program, and the project itself was awarded in nomination «The most ambitious project». This assessment made it possible to include it in the list of the most promising projects of ASI.

Also among the noted regions are the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, Murmansk, Samara, Rostov, Novgorod regions and the Stavropol.




The educational program «Managerial masters: Development of regional teams» is aimed on solving the task of improving the investment climate in regions of the Russian Federation.

Regional teams studied the best domestic and foreign management practices and learned the main for creation of  projects for integrated development of the subjects. Teams had to present a ready-made project for the development according  to needs of the region at final stage of the program.


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