The regions will take part in the formation of an information resource on the development of socio-economic potential

The public information agency "Novosti Rossii" and the editorial staff of the magazine "Economic Policy of Russia" announced the formation of the "Consolidated Review - 2020: "Development of the regions of Russia" - the power of the state! The resource is designed to inform the public and federal government agencies about the growth of socio-economic potential of the Russian regions.

The Synthesis Review ( will unite relevant information on the activities of regional and municipal government bodies, institutions, enterprises and organizations in the socio-economic and investment development of the territories, ensuring their financial stability and the development of strategies for pricing, business development and the consumer market, housing construction and urban development, renovation of industrial and transport infrastructure, improving the systems of agriculture, housing and utilities, fuel and energy and environmental protection. Information will also be published on regulation of contract activities in procurement and tariff regulation, employment and labor relations, implementation of veterinary activities and licensing control, strengthening of food security, development of natural, cultural, sports and tourism, scientific and educational potential, increasing the availability and quality of information and communication services, bodies of registry offices and notaries, medical care, civil, legal and social protection of the Russian Federation population.

Federal, regional and municipal government bodies, as well as institutions, organizations and enterprises, have been invited to participate in the formation of the Consolidated Survey. To obtain the rights to post news, it is necessary to fill in a registration form. For more information, please follow the link


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