The Russian Cities Union will release Next Digest of the Best Practices

The Russian Cities Union will release next digest of the best practices. The digest release will coincide with the 5th International Forum of the Best Municipal Practices which will take place in June, 2017.

At the moment the expert community of the Russian Cities Union has stated the following digests’ items:

1. «Housing and communal services. The new quality».

2. «Public diplomacy. Effective municipal coordination».

3. «Environmental protection. Set of measures».

4. «Information technologies and innovations in municipal units».

5. «Municipal units experience in elaboration of counter-terrorism measures and public security ensuring».

6. «Inter-confessional and interethnic relations’ regulation ».

7. «Fiscal inter-budget relations. Fiscal and budget optimization. Municipal credits».

8. «Capital investment and investment climate».

9. «Municipal social policy programs and their implementation arrangements».

10. «Civic participation and public control at the municipal level».

11. «Freight service and public transport service arrangement».

12. «Public-private partnership».

13. «I like my town (city)».

The sent municipal practices will be gratis published at the digest and also at the Interactive map of the best municipal practices ( The number of practices put out by a municipal unit is unlimited. The acceptance of informational materials is carried out by E-mail ( through 15 April, 2017.

On questions connected with the information materials’ publication at the printed digest and on the web site you may address to the Russian Cities Union steering committee by phone: 8 (495) 730-41-95 or by E-mail:


The Russian Cities Union is an association founded for local government promotion within city municipal units of the Russian Federation. The Union carries out work on the best municipal practices digest publishing since 2013. For the moment 22 digests have been released. Their total print is more then 6000 copies.


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