Tourism industry of the Voronezh region will be made investment profitable

The development and promotion of the tourism potential of the Voronezh region in the domestic and international markets will become one of the main directions of development of this industry in the coming years. А regional tourism development strategy will be formed in order to increase its investment attractiveness and state support measures will be developed for large resident companies created in the region of tourist and recreational clusters. This was discussed at a meeting of the Regional Duma Committee on Entrepreneurship and Tourism held on February 26.

As was noted during the meeting, regional legislation in the field of tourism is constantly being improved. Back in 2011, the law “On the Development of Tourism in the Voronezh Region” was adopted, which was later amended regarding the creation of tourist and recreational clusters. The emergence and development of such zones will allow attracting internal and external investments into the region, will contribute to the development of inter-regional relations, and the activation of small and medium-sized businesses involved in the development, production, promotion and sale of tourism services. Within a certain territory, clusters should combine accommodation facilities, catering enterprises, transport companies, tour operators and travel agents, as well as other infrastructure elements designed to form a tourist brand of the region

In the near future, the implementation of two major investment projects for the creation of tourist and recreational clusters is planned in the region. The project of the shopping center "Voronezh", the creation of which is planned before the year of 2025, includes the development of the historical and cultural center "Palace complex of the Oldenburg". The possibility of including right-bank territories near the Voronezh reservoir in this project is also being considered.

These, as well as other promising projects for the development of the tourism sector of the Voronezh region will be able to qualify for government support measures. Corresponding amendments to regional legislation are supposed to be made in the near future. In particular, we are talking about additional criteria for classifying tourism investment projects as particularly significant. Residents of tourist and recreational clusters will be able to receive benefits on the basis of relevant agreements.

Meanwhile, according to available data for 9 months of 2019, the volume of inbound tourist flow to the Voronezh region increased by 32% compared to 2018. Not only compatriots, but also citizens of foreign countries willingly visit the region - an increase in the number of foreign travelers in the indicated period amounted to 83 percent.



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