Two new residents came to TASED Pavlovsk

On November 27, a meeting of the supervisory board of the territories of advanced socio-economic development was held under the chairmanship of the head of the economic development department of the Voronezh region Anatoly Bukreev.

At the last meeting, the first two applications for concluding an agreement on the implementation of activities at the Pavlovsk TASED were considered. Thus, the company "AGROECO-SOUTH" presented an investment project of the Pig-breeding complex AGROECO, which will allow placing a meat processing plant on the territory of priority development. It should be noted that this project is being implemented in the status of “especially significant” within the framework of the law “On state (regional) support of investment activities in the Voronezh region”, also, in the framework of the state program of the Voronezh region "Development of agriculture, food production and infrastructure of the agro-food market". In turn, the company "Sladunika" prepared an investment project "Production and primary processing of berries." for consideration of the supervisory board. The total investment of these two projects will be about 12 billion rubles. In the future, their implementation will further create up to 1,000 employees in the Pavlovsk District.

In addition, the head of the economic development department of the region, Anatoly Bukreev, said that in the future another 3-4 large-scale investment projects with investments of up to 50 billion rubles will be implemented in Pavlovsk TASED. New productions can provide residents of the area up to 3 thousand jobs. In total, at least 20 productions will be located on the territory of advanced development.

Following the meeting of the supervisory board, it was decided to conclude agreements on the implementation of activities at Pavlovsk TASED with AGROECO-SOUTH Ltd. and Sladunika Ltd.


In 2018, by the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation, within the borders of the mono town Pavlovsk, a territory of advanced socio-economic development was created. The decree on the creation of a territory of advanced economic development, signed by the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, determines the boundaries of the Pavlovsk development territory, the minimum capital investment of residents (2.5 million rubles) and the minimum number of new permanent jobs (10 units). Also the types of economic activity of TOSER residents: food production, fruit and berry growing, furniture production, and others were established.

The main task of creating TASED on the territory of a single-industry education is to create conditions that would cope with the outflow of the working-age population arising from the lack of alternative attractive jobs in the territory of the urban settlement, as well as problems associated with a reduction in investment and the purchasing power of the population.



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