Voronezh Airport accepted the first low-coster flight "Pobeda".

On June 21, the first aircraft of the Pobeda company landed at Voronezh International Airport and delivered 153 passengers from Moscow.

Now flights to Moscow will become daily. In addition, from July 2, the airline will open flights to St. Petersburg, and they will be operated five times a week.

The approximate cost of flights from Voronezh to Moscow and St. Petersburg is from 500 to 3000 rubles, taking into account airport charges.

In total, the airline's 2020 summer season schedule includes 83 destinations across Russia.


Pobeda Airlines is part of the Aeroflot Group, implementing a classic low-cost airline project. The company's work is aimed at increasing the mobility of the population and the transport accessibility of Russian regions. The client can independently control the total cost of the flight by choosing only the necessary services. The Victory Fleet consists of 30 modern Boeing 737-800 aircraft delivered to the company directly from the manufacturing plant. The average age of the fleet is about two or three years.


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