Voronezh entrepreneurs positively estimate the business climate in the region

A weekly meeting was held with the governor of the Voronezh region Alexander Gusev on April 15.

Galina Abrichkina, the head of the regional department for entrepreneurship and trade, made a presentation. She announced the results of regional development of small and medium-sized businesses monitoring in 2018. The entrepreneurs noted a significant simplification of the procedures for participation in state and municipal procurement, a reduction in the time periods for registering enterprises, and issuing permits and licenses. Also, respondents are positive about increasing the availability of state support measures.

According to the regional department of business and trade, the most favorable conditions for doing business were created in Buturlinovsky, Pavlovsky and Ostrogozhsky districts. The city of Voronezh among all 34 municipalities ranks 18th.

Business support activities in the Voronezh region are implemented within the framework of five federal projects. 312 mln rubles will be allocated for these purposes, of which more than 259 mln are funds from the federal budget in 2019.

The governor in his turn noted that the most effective supporting measure for small and medium-sized businesses is bank’s loans availability. The head of the region proposed to expand the options of the Regional Pledge Fund to simplify bank’s loans access.

Investment sites with unique tax preferences for residents have been opened in the Voronezh region. This tool also contributes to improving of the business climate. Special zone for small and medium-sized enterprises in the industrial park Maslovsky and territory of advanced socio-economic development in the monotown Pavlovsk are in the list. The governor gave a number of instructions related to the intensification of work on informing and attracting SMEs to these investment sites.


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