Bobrovsky Industrial Park

Bobrovsky Industrial Park is an industrial site with well-developed infrastructure. The major factors considered by a potential investor when selecting a site for an investment project implementation are infrastructure available, free power supply capacities, logistics, social development of the territory and business reputation of a municipality.


Engineering infrastructure:

Gas supply:
total capacity: 70 000 m³/hr, free capacity: 40 000 m³/hr

Electric power supply:
total capacity: 220 MW/h, free capacity: 110 MW/h

Water supply:
total capacity: from 100 m³/hr, free capacity: from 100 m³/hr

Sewage system:
total capacity: 210 m³/hr, free capacity: 135 m³/hr

Waste treatment facilities:
total capacity: 210 m³/hr, free capacity: 135 m³/hr

Transportation infrastructure:

hard-surface roads are located at 100-500 m distance from vacant lots.

the nearest railroad branch to vacant lots is located at 100-1000 m distance.

food and processing industry

Total space:
464.3 ha

Number of residents: 8


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