Date of birth:
December 5, 1981

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394018, Voronezh, 14 Svobody Street, office 700





In 2005 graduated with honours from the Economic Department of  Voronezh K.D. Glinka State Agricultural University, qualification conferred “Economist” with a degree in “Accounting, Auditing and Analysis”.

In 2008 graduated from the post graduate studies of Scientific-Research Institute of Economics and Agricultural Complex Foundation for the Black Soil District of the Russian Federation.

In 2009 successfully defended Ph.D thesis of  “Formation and Implementation of Investments Attraction  Strategy as exemplified by the Voronezh Region”, Ph.D in Economic Science degree conferred.

In 2016 he graduated with honours from the Law Faculty of Voronezh State University, and was awarded the title "Master of Law" in the sphere of "International law and business".

He successfully completed trainings at Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration and The Moscow School of Management «Skolkovo» on education programs: «Managerial masters: development of regional teams», «Management of monotowns development projects» in 2017.

In 2018, he successfully completed training in the “Center for Evaluation and Development of Project Management” under the PM Project Management program, certified project management specialist.


2007-2009: State Institution “Office for Regional Development of Voronezh Region”: Economist, Head of Department for Investment Projects Development and Support, Deputy Director.

2009-2011: State Institution “Office for Attraction of  Investments to the Voronezh Region” - Deputy Director.

2011-2013: State-Financed Institution of the Voronezh Region “Office for Investments and Public Private Partnership” - First Deputy Director.

2013-2015: Regional State-Financed Institution “Office for Investment Promotion and Strategic Projects Support ” - First Deputy Director.

On July 10, 2015 was appointed as Director  of the Regional State-Financed Institution “Office for Investment Promotion and Strategic Projects Support”.

Member of the Council for Voronezh region investment climate improvement.

Member of regional project office.

Member of the Coordination Council for municipal-private partnership under  administration of the urban district of Voronezh  city.


Chairman of the Committee for investment development and international cooperation of the  Voronezh region Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Executive member of “Regional Investment Agencies Association” Non-Profit Partnership.


Assistant Professor of Regional Studies and Foreign Countries Department of Foreign Affairs Faculty of Voronezh State University. Author of more than 30 research articles in Russian and international collections, including two monographs: Investment Attraction to the Russian Federation economics”, “Investment Attraction to the regional economics”.


For good achievements in investment activities mainstreaming within the Voronezh Region Danil Kustov was rewarded with Honorary and Acknowledgement Certificates by the executive bodies of state authorities and public companies of the Voronezh Region.

Finalist of the open regional competition for managers «Team of the Future»


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