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Voronezh is  the capital of the Voronezh region and the entire central Chernozem region. The city is located on the banks of the Voronezh reservoir and the river Voronezh. 8,5 km meet with the river Don. Today the population of the city is more than 1 million people.

Voronezh is divided into 6 administrative districts: Zheleznodorozhny, Kominternovsky, Left-bank, Lenin, Soviet and Central. Zheleznodorozhny and Levoberezhny are located on the left bank of the Voronezh reservoir, the rest are on the right. The largest district is Zheleznodorozhny. The Lenin is the smallest one.


The coat of arms and the flag of the city of Voronezh are made according to the rules and corresponding traditions of heraldry. This  reflects historical, cultural, socio-economic, national and other local traditions. The basis for the composition is the historical coat of arms, which was approved on September 21, 1781.  The authentic description reads as follows: «The shield is divided in two. A two-headed eagle is on a gold field and overturned vessel with  river Voronezh flows is  on a red one».  The double-headed eagle in the golden field was granted to the city as a token of special merits in the development of the Russian state. The medal ribbons behind the shield and shield holders, ancient Russian knights, warriors  symbolize merits of Voronezh in the defense of the Russian lands for centuries.

Foundation of the city.

The royal decree on the foundation of Voronezh has not yet been found. The archive contains the order of  boyar Nikita Yuriev on the reorganization of the guard service on the southern outskirts of the Moscow state from March 1, 1586. The will of the tsar was done  by voevoda Semyon Saburov. He is considered   as the founder of the city.

The fortress was set on fire by Cherkasy in April 1590. The city was nearly destroyed. However, Voronezh had been rebuilt by 1594.

Voronezh is considered to be the «cradle» of the Russian navy. Admiralty in the city Voronezh was created in 1700 by the decree of Peter I. In the same year, sailing line of  58-gun «Goto Predestination»  was solemnly launched at the Voronezh shipyard. 215 ships In total were built for the Russian navy on the Voronezh banks. The ships became the basis of the Azov fleet and participated in the campaign against the Ottoman Empire.

Our city is also known as the «birthplace» of the Airborne Forces. The first airborne assault was made in the sky over Voronezh on August 2, 1930.  12 parachutist from Voronezh laid the formation of the  military paratroopers.

Voronezh during the war.

During the Great Patriotic War from July 7, 1942 to January 25, 1943, Voronezh spent 212 days in a partial German occupation. During this period, the right bank of the river Voronezh was captured by the troops of Hitler's Germany. The left was held by Soviet troops. The front line divided the city into two parts. During the occupation, Voronezh suffered significant damage. According to experts, 92%  of all city residential buildings were destroyed.

Voronezh  were liberated by troops of the 60th Army, commanded by General Ivan Chernyakhovsky. The city was restored at a rapid pace by 1950.

In 2008, Voronezh was awarded with the honorary title «City of Military Glory» for courage, fortitude and mass heroism of  the city's defenders in the struggle for freedom and independence of the Fatherland.

Voronezh nowadays.

Today Voronezh is a dynamically developing modern city. The capital of the Central Chernozem region grows with new residential quarters, modern infrastructure, social and sports facilities. Voronezh ranks 2nd within the entities of the Central Federal District in terms of the volume of housing commissioning and the rate of construction.


Voronezh is included in the TOP-10 regions of Russia, demonstrating a steady growth in industrial production. The leading industries of Voronezh are machine building and metalworking, light and food industry, chemical, petrochemical and electronic industries. The city has well-known enterprises all over Russia, which manufacture engines for «Soyuz» launch vehicles, military transport and civil aircraft, as well as the President's aircraft, so-called «Board №1».

Transport infrastructure.

Voronezh is a large transport hub. The transport system includes  air communication, railway and motor transport. The highway M4 «Don» passes through the city, key branch of the southeastern railway, international airport. The air harbor accepts 25 airlines. High transport accessibility makes the city comfortable for traveling, both in Russia and abroad.


Conditions for  high-quality secondary and higher education have been created in Voronezh. More than 40 institutions of secondary vocational education, more than 30 higher educational institutions and 66 research institutes operate  in educational sphere.

you can master the most popular and promising specialties: technical, economic, juridical, medical, agricultural and even military in universities and colleges  of Voronezh.

Voronezh occupies a leading position in Russia in terms of the number of IT specialists. The companies conduct activities   in developing of unique software. There is also an animation studio, known throughout the world for the cartoon «The Snow Queen».

Culture and tourism.

Voronezh can be called «the cultural capital of Chernozem region». Events of  «International Platonov Festival» attracts famous theatrical figures of Russia and the world. The Children's Theater Festival «Marshak» is held every year for young spectators. «The Jazz Manor» is a festival of music connoisseurs, held in the open air.

A monument to a kitten from the street Lizyukova is a favorite for visiting. Kitten Vasily is the third animated hero in the world and the first in Russia with  reared monument.

А historic copy of the ship «Goto Predestination» was opened in 2014  for the guests of the city. The ship is moored at the Admiralty Square as a museum ship.

In addition, tourists can visit monuments of artists: Pushkin, Yesenin, Mandelstam, Platonov, Koltsov, Nikitin, unique monument in Russia to the children's writer Samuil Marshak.


The architecture of Voronezh is fascinating. There is a unique ensemble of the stone bridge, which was built in 1826. The Admiralty church is an example of an old palatial architecture. The hotel building «Bristol» is the first in Voronezh, which is built in accordance with American technology of reinforced concrete structures erection. A freight elevator earned for the first time in the city for this building. The administrative building of the South-Caucasian Railway Administration and the Annunciation cathedral are majestically raised.

This is not all that can be told about Voronezh. We will be glad to see you as our guest. Welcome to Voronezh!

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