Danil Kustov described the concept of the «New Industrialization of the Voronezh region» priority strategic project at the meeting of the civil assembly «Leader»

The head of the Economic Development Department of the Voronezh Region Danil Kustov attended the regular plenary session of the Leader Civil Assembly оn August 27. The meeting was held in Ramon’ in the Oldenburg Palace Complex.

Danil Kustov presented the «New Industrialization of the Voronezh Region» priority strategic project at the meeting. He noted that the dynamics of regional industry development indicators has been ahead of the average Russian values over the past 15 years. The physical volume of industrial production in the Voronezh Region increased 2.7 times since 2006 to 2020. In comparison, this indicator has increased only 1.3 times in the Russian Federation.

The main goal of the «New Industrialization» strategic project is the entry of the Voronezh Region into the top-20 regions-leaders the manufacturing industries.

The implementation of the project provides for six main areas of work: infrastructure support of existing production sites, creation of new industrial territories, attracting Russian and foreign investor companies, staffing of industrial enterprises, active work of development institutions in the field of industry, ensuring labor productivity growth.

Nowadays the Voronezh Region is ranked 28th. To achieve the higher position in 2021-2024, it is necessary to reach the growth rate of industrial production of at least 114% per year, which will ensure an annual increase in the volume of product shipments by 92 billion rubles.

Danil Kustov noted that according to the results of the first half of 2021, the growth of industrial production in the Voronezh region reached 12.8%.

A network of industrial parks has been developing on the territory of the Voronezh Region since 2010. Also 5 industrial zones with a total area of 1,360 hectares have already been created, 120 residents were placed, and about 6.2 thousand jobs were created by the end of 2020. In addition, it is planned to increase the area of the Maslovsky industrial Park by 1200 hectares. Three new industrial parks will also be created: «Paninsky» with a specialization in agro-industrial production, «Podgorensky», specializing in the production of building materials and «Borisoglebsky» of the wide specialization.

Summing up his speech, Danil Kustov noted that all the necessary conditions for achieving the goals of industrial development of the region are being created or have already been created. The Government of the Voronezh Region invites interested companies to take an active part in the implementation of the «New Industrialization of the region» strategic project.


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