INVESTMENT INTERVIEW. Oleg Izotov: "In the Voronezh region we are going to create the most modern high-tech production of mineral wool materials"

As previously reported, the governor of the Voronezh region approved the placement of a new production facility, Voronezh Heat Insulation Materials Plant LLC, in the special economic zone "Center". Employees of the Agency for Investment Attraction and Regional Development provided comprehensive support to the company at all stages - from the moment of the site selection to the Expert Council decision on its approval as a resident. For comments, we turned to the initiator, co-founder and head of the project Oleg Izotov.

- Oleg Aleksandrovich, please tell us about the main parameters of the project and the terms of its implementation. What is the uniqueness of the enterprise you are planning to build in the SEZ "Center"?

- We are investing about 4.4 billion rubles into this project. The capacity of the modern plant, which we plan to build and put into operation by the summer of 2023, is designed to produce 70 thousand tons of mineral wool heat, sound and fire insulation materials. At the same time, 200 high-tech jobs will be created to service the lines and areas of the enterprise.

The undoubted advantage of our products is their guaranteed safety. This is one of the most important conditions demanded by consumers in the market of construction materials. The raw material for stone wool products will be ecologically pure basalt rock. Therefore, we are sure in the stable demand on the part of the domestic consumers as well as in high export potential of the manufacture we are going to create.

- Those who are not familiar with the technology of insulation production may have a question: How environmentally friendly will the production facilities be?

- For us, environmental issues are undoubtedly in the first place. Therefore, it is planned to use the latest scientific achievements and technological developments, which will ensure full compliance with environmental standards.

The most advanced technologies will be implemented at our plant, which will guarantee environmental safety of all production processes.

- Your company already has successful experience in implementing similar projects. What dictated the decision to create a new production facility? Is it the case when demand creates supply?

- Yes, it is! Today we see high market demand for high-tech materials that allow you to simultaneously improve the energy efficiency of objects for various purposes and minimize costs for their construction, repair and maintenance.

Earlier we were able to organize and launch production, which now produce much sought-after thermal insulation materials under the brand names IZOVOL and IZOBEL. They meet the highest requirements and standards. Production uses "ECOSAFE" technology, which allows producing insulation without adding coke and blast furnace slag. Due to this it is possible to achieve a stable density of the board, its clear geometry, the absence of phenolic stains, and most importantly - durability and environmental friendliness of the materials.

We are going to continue using proven and well-tested technologies and introduce new ones as part of the production in the SEZ "Center".

- What were you guided by when choosing the site for the new project?

- The site for the construction of the plant was not chosen by chance. We are planning to supply mineral wool materials to the consumers of the Central, Volga, Southern Federal Districts. And the Voronezh location is the best for logistics organization.

Having analyzed the proposals of many regions of the Central Federal District, we finally came to the conclusion that the conditions created today in the Voronezh region for the development of business are the most optimal. That is why the decision was made in favor of the Special Economic Zone "Center".

Together with the status of a resident of the SEZ our company has received the opportunity to significantly compensate for its capital investment in the project through a set of benefits and preferences in the form of zero or minimum rates for land tax, corporate income and property taxes, VAT, etc. And, of course, an important role in choosing a place for new production was played by modern infrastructure of the investment site and the possibility of a free customs zone, which opens up for the prospective export of our products abroad.

- How long did it take for the company to become a resident of SEZ Center? What stages did you have to go through along the way?

- At all stages of entering the site we actively worked with the Department of Economic Development of the Voronezh region and the Agency for the attraction of investments. I would especially like to mention our interaction with the specialists of the Agency, who provided us with comprehensive support in organizing and conducting effective negotiations and meetings with representatives of the region's executive authorities. Thanks to this, the entire process of obtaining residency took no more than two months.

- You mentioned the benefits that the company will receive as a resident of the SEZ "Center". How do you assess the benefits for the Voronezh region in connection with the implementation of this investment project?

- As a resident of SEZ "Center", our company automatically becomes an active taxpayer of the Voronezh region. Even taking into account the special conditions and preferences provided, the enterprise's payments to the budgets of all levels, as well as mandatory payments to non-budgetary funds will amount to about 3 billion rubles.

As already mentioned, we will create about 200 new jobs with decent wages, which is a significant supply for the regional labor market.

And, of course, Voronezh builders will get new opportunities. We will offer them modern materials produced according to the world standards, but favorably priced compared to their foreign counterparts.

- How do you see the role of the future plant in the economy of the Voronezh region? How would you assess the prospects of its development?

- I am sure that our plant will become one of the bright examples of the realization of the strategic project of the Voronezh region "New industrialization of the region". And it will take its rightful place among the high-tech import-substituting productions.

Thanks to our production, the Voronezh region can become not only one of the Russian regions where environmentally friendly mineral wool materials are produced, but will have a chance to become a leader in this industry. The prospects of development of the enterprise that we are considering allow us to draw such conclusions.



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