On December 15, 2021 Syngenta opened a Seed Protection Institute in Ramonsky District of Voronezh Region

Syngenta is one of the world's leading agricultural companies, combining two areas: Syngenta Crop Protection (crop protection products) and Syngenta Seeds (seeds).

The Acting head of the state government institution "Agency for Investment Attraction and Regional Development" Vladimir Dorofeev attended the official opening ceremony. Alexander Kharkovsky, Deputy Head of the Department of Agrarian Policy - head of the department of crop production development, made a welcoming speech at the event.

As part of the event, the opening ceremony with the participation of top officials of the company and invited guests. Then all attendees were divided into groups to work in sections and get acquainted with the Institute, which occupies a building of more than 1500 square meters and has the most modern laboratories in the agricultural industry, being the leading research center for seed processing in Russia.     Participants of the ceremony were shown the seed treatment process, new preparations and their impact on seed safety and plant biology.

"The Syngenta Seed Protection Institute is a modern research and training center offering expanded seed treatment training resources and improved collaboration opportunities with customers," said Konstantin Beldyushkin, CEO of Syngenta in Russia. - "Syngenta has invested 300 million rubles in the construction and equipping of this center, which once again demonstrates the continuity of our strategy to innovate and localize production in Russia. The Voronezh Region is an important strategic region for us where we have been present for more than 20 years not only as a supplier of agrochemicals and seeds but also with our research station in Ramon.

The Seed Protection Institute has started its work:

- a research laboratory for the diagnosis of phytopathogens in soil, seeds and plant material, using traditional and modern molecular genetic methods;

- Laboratory of artificial climate to simulate environmental conditions of different regions of the country;

- microbiological laboratory for isolation and in-depth study of plant pathogens;

laboratory for quality control of seed treatment;

- Seed treatment application room with seed treatment machines from world and Russian manufacturers;

- seed storage facility;

- modern auditoriums for training activities.

The company's experts will provide services and products tailored to the needs of crop farms and the local market. The Seed Protection Institute will conduct 10,000 different analyses annually in order to unlock the full potential of seeds in the fields of Russia.

- It is pleasant to see how investor companies are developing in our region. Government of the Voronezh region actively promotes and creates the necessary conditions for the already existing enterprises, using all measures of state support, to gradually expand their production and research complexes through the mechanisms of reimbursement of part of the costs. Such forms of cooperation between the state and business have a positive impact on the socio-economic development of the region: new jobs are created, the economic climate is improved and tax revenues to the regional budget are increased, - commented on the event Vladimir Dorofeev.

Today the Seed Protection Institute is not only research, but also an educational institution, it will implement a training program for agricultural workers and young specialists.


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