The company «Agrotechnmash» is becoming a new resident of the special economic zone «Center»

The Governor of the Voronezh Region Alexander Gusev held a meeting of the Expert Council on Industrial-Production and Technical-implementation special economic zones of the Voronezh Region on August 27.

The investment project of the «Agrotechnmash» was submitted for the consideration by the members of the Council. The organization plans to build a production and testing complex of seed drying and processing equipment on the territory of the SEZ «Center». According to the Head of the regional Economic Development Department Danil Kustov, the investment volume of the project is 550 million rubles, and the area of the required land plot is 4.5 hectares.

A detailed business plan was presented by the director of the «Agrotechnmash» Denis Zimin.
The company specializes in the manufacture of equipment for seed cleaning and drying, transport and technological equipment, grain loaders and metal structures. The organization plans to increase the company's market share in the drying equipment segment in the Russian Federation from 25% to 45-50%, as well as export.

Nowadays the main capacities of the enterprise are located in Voronezh on the territory of the Kalinin plant, there are also additional sites in other districts of the city.

It is planned to build a production complex, arrange a storage site, to transfer the current production to a new location while maintaining productivity at the first stage of the project implementation. At the second stage — modernization of the technical base of the enterprise, arrangement of the test stand, development and testing of new types of products with subsequent access to the planned capacities.

The company plans to double its production capacity by 2023 and produce up to 150 units of seed drying equipment per year (nowadays the volume of the main output is about 80 units of seed dryers per year).

Denis Zimin noted that the project provides for the expansion of innovative high-tech agricultural machinery and the creation working positions for highly qualified employees: 105 places — in production, 45 places at the test site. Total revenues from tax and other mandatory payments at all levels during the project implementation will be about 120 million rubles.

Following the meeting, the members of the Expert Council for Industrial-Production and Technical-implementation special economic zones of the region decided to support the business plan of the Agrotechnmash for the construction of a production and testing complex of seed drying and processing equipment.

The Governor Alexander Gusev noted that the Council have been discussed and analyzed threats to similar enterprises that are operating in the region for a long time. The conclusion of that expertise is that there are few intersections in the product range, so the construction of a new plant will not interfere with the functioning and development of existing enterprises.


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