The list of particularly significant investment projects of the Voronezh Region has been expanded

The Voronezh Regional Duma expanded the list of particularly significant investment projects adding a section «Sports and tourism».

The project for the construction of a sports cluster in Voronezh on the Chernavskaya Dam was given the status of a particularly significant one as a part of the new section. It will receive property tax and income tax benefits.

The project implementation period is set until 2033. The amount of investments in cluster objects announced by the investor is 474.6 million rubles. The region will receive additional tax payments in the amount of more than 300 million rubles per year after the project implementation accomplishment.The project provides for the construction of two main sports facilities for year-round usage — an ice and a football arenas (a number of other facilities are still being built here). These facilities will be able to provide attendance of 350 thousand people per year and will supplement the existing infrastructure of the Kayaking and Canoeing Center on the Chernavsky Bridge dam. The investor provides free of charge time for classes at the disposal of the Department of Physical Culture and Sports of the region. The agreement is valid for 12 years. There are already training sessions of sports schools, clubs and sections, competitions, as well as recreation and sports events. In addition, the ice arena organizes not only training sessions and official sports events, but also mass skating.

The project was launched on the basis of a public-private partnership (PPP) as part of a pilot project of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation in 2018.


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