The new poultry investment project will provide more than 100 working positions for the region

The Governor Alexander Gusev met with the management of «Plem-Reproductor «Don Turkey» on August 26.

The company plans to implement the «Construction of a breeding farm of the parent turkey herd of the 2nd order for 6 million eggs per year» investment project on the territory of two municipal districts of the region at once – Kashirsky and Nizhnedevitsky. According to the plan, construction will begin in early 2022, at the moment, survey work is being carried out on the selected sites.

According to the Chief Officer of «Plem-Reproductor «Don Turkey» Alexander Ilyin, buildings of breeding producers, an administrative building and sites for collecting and storing litter will be built on plots with a total area of more than 140 hectares. The capacity of the new livestock complex will be 120 thousand heads of turkey broilers of one-time maintenance.

In addition to growing the parent herd, the company will sell chilled and frozen turkey meat, an average of 3.5 thousand tons per year. The total investment volume will be about 1.5 billion rubles, more than 100 new working positions will be created.

The company «Plem-Reproductor «Don Turkey» appealed to the Interdepartmental Commission for the Deployment of Productive Forces in the Voronezh region with a request to recognize the investment project as a large-scale one, which will give the company a number of preferences when implementing it.

The governor approved the submitted project, noting that the land plots suitable for the construction of the farm are well located in terms of connection to engineering networks. The selected plot has all the necessary capacities and infrastructures, that make the lunchmeat of the production is convenient and profitable. But it is necessary to assess carefully and responsibly such an important factor as environmental safety and the comfort of residents, because we are talking about the placement of production near settlements.


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