Voronezh industrial park «Perspectiva» is Top-5 best

Photo: press service of the Industrial Park "Perspektiva"

Industrial park «Perspectiva» is on the leading position among 117 production sites in the annual rating of investment attractiveness of industrial parks and Special Economic Zones of Russia according to analytic center «Expert».

The experts have analyzed key effectiveness indicators of 117 production sites using a new methodology of an independent assessment of attractiveness and customer orientation of industrial parks and SEZ for potential investors.

The Voronezh industrial park «Perspectiva» is one of the best production sites of Russia. For a more objective assessment, production sites in the immediate vicinity of Moscow and St. Petersburg were allocated to a separate territorial group. «Perspectiva» is the only representative of Central Federal District in the top of industrial parks, sharing the top five with parks of Tatarstan and the Ulyanovsk region. Five industrial parks and five special economic zones located in a distance from the two capitals are in top 10 best industrial parks.

«Perspectiva» also received the highest «АА» last year. The founder of «Perspectiva» noted that regardless of what methodology is used, the industrial park is constantly among the leading sites in the country. An integrated approach to solving the tasks of each resident is perhaps the strongest side of the company. An entrepreneur who organizes a microenterprise, located on a plot of 20 acres as so valuable for the park as a multinational company.

Analytics of AC «Expert» has highly estimated the investment attractiveness of industrial park «Perspectiva» and noted the effective management work with residents.

The administration of the park pays maximum attention to the needs and tasks of our customers, and is always improving its product. Ten years ago we offered a construction site, but now we are ready to realize industrial facilities «on turnkey basis» using the build-to-suit mechanism. This makes it possible to remove non -core risks of an entrepreneurs as much as possible, to give them the opportunity to concentrate on their narrow specialization.

Nowadays, projects of 69 operating residents are at the different implementation stages. The majority of them are representatives of small and medium-sized business. The largest foreign investor - ScholleIPN (regional headquarters is in the Netherlands – the global one in the USA) is a world leader in the field of packaging solutions that has more than 15 production sites in America, Western Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia.


The industrial park «Perspectiva» received official status of the industrial park in 2012. This is a Greenfield-type site with a total area of 146 hectares. It is located in the suburbs of Voronezh, 10 km far from federal highway M4 (Moscow - Novorossiysk) and 1.5 km far from «Kursk - Tambov» highway.   

It is focused on small and medium-sized businesses, providing land plots for industrial construction with an area from 0.19 (19 acres) to 50 hectares. Ready-made engineering and developed social infrastructure allows investors to organize any production or warehouse space.


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